Nov 22, 2009

Woman in my dreams

Behind every success of a man there is a woman and i am going to scribble down here about the woman of my dreams. I always loved to love but the love in me is always alone. I can pen down a lot about woman of my life but the truth behind is, though we the men say they are the weaker sex, they make our day.

Its the November rain that drives me here to write. Yeah, it can be the Guns n Roses or even Bryan Adams that make me write this but what i feel deep in my heart is all that crimson juice of my girl’s heart. I used to have an ideology that you see in a typical rugged mind “Why do I need a girl?”.Then I realized the next two paragraphs that me and my friend spoke over. Consider this to be same as a fiction like “2 States” as i believe, the ark believers will go beyond this.

It all started with this mating season. Oh Yeah! Blame the Gods and not me. Love to me is always a fantasy and according to me it is not only to the opposite sex we show off, it is the thing that we share across all fellow beings.

I am not a Buddha to preach neither have a Gandhi to follow, but still i know what life is and am sailing in the same boat as you do. Now to speak for the topic, I don't dream much, so its hard to portray that great girl in my small mind who appears in a real short time. In this so called world which may or may not end, which is small or big, which is our home or not, all I felt was this - the creation is wonderful and it makes me even think that the glorious God, as they say exists.

The truth that we discovered during our cold cosy night was neither a guy nor a girl can't live alone throughout the life. If you believe in the creator, then He must be a master mind. If you believe in science, this is called the balancing factor. All creature in this world needs a support and if it is from the opposite sex, then that satisfies all the needs of the partner. So i dreamt of this girl and hope she reads this now or whenever she fills my life. A pretty, not so pity and bold with brains that should say “I am her life” is the woman of my life. So a gazer who could help me out is always welcome and just keep in mind, there’s no life without them and hence allow ‘em to make our life beautiful.

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  1. Appreciate it! Segrame oru goodu girlfriendu prapirasthu