Jan 2, 2010

XtremeDreamers: 2010… The beginning

With 2010 being born, I would like to wish my fellow freaks a Happy New Year and I am here going to scribble down the awful midnight of mine during this new year eve. 2009 is gone, so are our miseries and problems and hence like everyone who wanted to celebrate the new born baby, I was no exception. Moreover it was a special occasion, as a close friend of mine owns this day. Call it a coincidence, call it a magic, but the truth is both of my close friends share their birthdays with my parents. Yeah even my dad was born on this special occasion for which, he proudly utters as the whole world would celebrate his birthday which is amazingly true. The other guy shares up his day with my mom, on October 7. I won’t forget these people for my lifetime.

As the celebration fire was on, we freaked out this New Year by bringing up a pineapple truffle to this guy and enjoyed having it solely between 4 of us. The one kg pineapple truffle melted down in our mouths and we were soon greeting each other a prosperous and bright new year with the wish of grabbing success in whatever we are into. It was just 4 of us this eve as many in our circle flew off to evidence the rise of 2010 from their home. After the great birthday celebration, I and my pal called the electric buzz (I forgot his new title as he used rock all the way with his dazzling taps on the floor) ran to the streets where his Unicorn awaited our return.


We planned to take up a ride in the famous ECR to bring our New Year mood to the apex. So we decided to settle down at a place in ECR to toast a drink, welcoming 2010. We started from my place and sooner the coastal road chilled us. Bikes whirring around and people shouting the wish that trembled upon the black sky, we started our expedition to find the place for us to settle down. While hustling through the roads on joy, we saw a guy for whom the New Year seemed to be not so well. He slipped off his bike and was groaning in pain with his blood smiling over his face which made me call this one ‘A bloody New Year’. Passing on this bloody event, we were slowed down by the policemen who I believe would’ve wished a holiday at least the next New Year. These people though knowing that the lads vrooming around aren’t in a suitable position to ride bikes, wished them a happy and safe year ahead. After a 10 min joyous ride passing 4 barrier gates, we found our place to relax around this New Year.

I don’t know who is the richest person in India during 2009, but I am damn sure that 2010 is too good for one special person – Vijay Mallya, the King(Fisher) maker. As we passed through the corridor of the place called ‘Voodoo’ (I know, the name stinks) we substantiated beer bottles of the great brand rolling through the pathway. I never knew until we were offered a seat that even the place stinks as the name do. With a whooping temperature of 20 C in Chennai, our drink came in as cold as it was taken from one of the poles (wish polar bears were guarding them). We toasted our drink for a fabulous start of the ageing factor called ‘New Year’. After a lot of talks to finish off the pitcher, we decided to leave and take a nap as I already had plans to leave home the next day.

When we started off from the mystic Voodoo, there came by the security guard in the bike park saluting us. I offered him 10 bugs and his smile stated 100 reasons to celebrate the occasions like this. With a caring heart he wished us a ‘Happy New Year’ and a safe ride back home. Now I realized that if a matter of 10 bugs can bring in care and smile from one, imagine donating to the needy. The happiness, the joy, the satisfaction that I didn’t get from the ride or the drink, I obtained from this guy who wished me a safe ride back home with a smile of saving money in his pocket. Whatever may be the race, region, religion, job, position or situation is, when the clock ticked 00:00 AM on 01-01-2010, everybody just had one hope – ‘Let this beginning be the best in our lives’.


  1. Excellent! No other words... This is one of a kind article that goes around in a casual note and ends with a crisp message.

  2. It is too good to see a peer who though knows that i write a crap still following me :) Thanks SNave