Apr 4, 2010

XtremeDreamers: Destiny - Defined

Wondering why I took this post to write; wondering why I think like this; wondering why I love to blog; wondering why I am here in this marvelous creation of Mother nature; wondering what’s next in my life. I can all the day blabber on all those wonderful things happening to me, but the answer to all my wandering wonders is one word – DESTINY. People trust in God, believe thyself, rely on money, but I stand by the side of destiny. People, who go with me, please enter and people who don’t rely upon, just gaze through this and give it a thought. I am for sure that reading a blog is not your destiny and writing this ain’t mine too.

If one is destined to do something, it has to be done and no turn backs. This makes me curious to understand what is destined for me or for this human life, which just stroll across decades to do that unidentifiable something. Is there a black book of secrets that really defines destiny for me and of course every saga (acquaintance) that we see and smile everyday in our lives? Let me just connect all those dots that I framed to define what is this intended factor of life.

Darwin’s Code:

This is where it started according to me. The theory that proved Science existed even before we discovered it. The theory on human evolution made me to think what could be the reason of us to get evolved. Is this the destiny?

Charles Darwin, the man who proved the evolution of man and figured out the various stages of human evolution against eras called it “The survival of fittest”. We survive each and every moment in our life by competing with ourselves and proving that we are the fittest to survive. Are we destined to fight among ourselves and prove that we are the best? Is it right to kill the emotions of a fellow being by side to reach whatever we desire? If Darwin’s theory is right, then how human life still exists in this amazing planet? We should’ve fought among ourselves for our own survival and soon became extinct. If you go with great old Darwin, I would recommend you not to proceed further.

The Matrix Philosophy:

Matrix is one good movie when we speak about destiny. The philosophies unfolded were so apt that they stand good for our life. It was just a movie when Neo was destined to save Zion and Trinity to fall in love with the One, but when it comes to the conversation between Oracle and Neo on making a choice it becomes an epic. 

Oracle goes “The choice is already made. Understand the choice.

Neo then asks, “If the choice is already made, why give a choice?

Miraculous lines from a marvelous movie. So, what is destiny? It is not about making a choice, but to understand that it is already made and to obey it.

Destiny in divinity:

“Science and spirituality goes side by side”, says Dan Brown in Angels & Demons. Thus as I read in my school, if science is fact, then it makes me believe that the divine lord exists. Alas, I can’t. According to any religion or in any epic, human were shown to saunter aimlessly and a divine guidance brings in the light at the end of the tunnel. If it’s ‘Karma’ in Hinduism, it’s ‘Judgment day’ in Christianity. Every religion says about human deeds which would decide on life after death. So is our destiny to live life by doing all good deeds and to wait for a peaceful place to rest our souls?

Destiny defined:

All the above said theories make my mind go fuzzy. Let me address them one by one.

Darwin’s theory stated “Survival of the fittest”. When I could try to deeply understand, what this great mind tried to convey is “Survival of the fittest among species”. Human considering to be the best of all species in this world and to make that, the evolution happened. We became the rulers of this planet. So Darwin is right. We are destined to survive.

The Matrix philosophy tries to portray that one has to understand what the choice is, instead of just making one. The choice is to survive. In the same movie, Smith addresses Morpheous “The human species which is said to be under the kingdom of mammals aren’t really mammals. They are just parasites who occupy one region and consume all the available resources till that region becomes dry and moves out to the next.” Is this true? The lines prove survival becomes our destiny, but this definitely ain’t the way to survive.

Here comes divinity into picture. All religious studies say, loving and beloved are the most adorable things to reach the One. Why to show love? This shows the way to survive. If survival is the destiny, survive being modest is what divinity preaches us.   

Thus destiny of us is to survive and make survive this brave, beautiful and brilliant species in this tremendous creation of nature through love towards people by our side and understanding that we are here as a part of the kingdom which stood still for eras.

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  1. VJ is soaked in Matrix Trilogy :) You are destined to write up on destiny or probably "The choice is made and you understood the choice". I loved that quote. Excellent thought of analysing and writing something which we just think for a second, say "fate" and walk away. Good creativity.