Nov 8, 2010

XtremeDreamers: Man Made Money or Money Made Men

I am happy to be back with my writer’s hat on after a long time. This fizzes my mind on the hot and not around the world that are beautiful to be described. Yeah, I know it’s been a while since my last freaky post on destiny and with a note of apologies to my sincere followers, I go on again. The reason that I couldn’t pen down or even think on penning down is I was running behind MONEY. Oh Yeah! I had a change in job, bought a bike, enjoyed till the last penny worth and now happy to announce myself ‘BANKRUPT’.  Money had been playing, (naahhh, actually defining) all the rules in my life. When I say rules, it defined rules to the extent of what I eat to where I eat.

My Ordinance Never Exist in You - MONEY. I may sound like a loser, but all I felt with money these days is the same. I can never figure out the rules or maybe I can’t even figure out what the game is. I had crossed numerous mid of the months, where my credit card whispers ‘Unleash me’ and my debit card says ‘I am almost empty and tired pal!’ I had never figured out what the rule is. All these routines I’ve been running behind the 5 letter magical costly word that defied me against my life. Money is what the world now revolves on as I believe we no longer revolve in an elliptical path called orbit but a shapeless ruthless path called money.

The beginning:
Let us roll back to the “Necessity is the mother of invention” age, the age when people were people and trading was to live. When man started owning things, trading was born and there arose a question of belief. Man needed to believe his own species to trade off what he had for what he wanted. In simple words, money was made the belief to rely and thus from then the questions were quoted as ‘Million dollar questions.’ Money is usually coins of gold/silver then, as it was considered to be truly global.

When slowly we started realizing the fact that gold/silver doesn’t grow and there’s no more gold when you dig deeper the crust, our super brains framed the concept of ‘Representative money’. This is how money turned on to papers. People started pledging their certificates/tokens to trade. Even now we have the concept of this in the form of Demand Drafts, Fixed Deposit slips and so on.

Here is the final evolution of money which is called ‘Fiat Money’. The regulatory bodies (Oh yeah! We rule ourselves and we call this democratic) came up with this usage of paper money and diversified the world based on its economical power. Now, I got an added to responsibility to explain what economical power is! Economy of a nation does not mean how much an individual got in his pocket, bank and home, rather it is the scale of how corrupted our politics is. Dig deeper and its all shit we get when politics of India is to be mentioned. Economical conditions truly rely on the political state of the nation and I would rather say directly proportionate in nature.

The Rules:
I never had any such 10 commandments of life as I stated earlier in one of my post, I am not a Buddha to preach neither have a Gandhi to follow. The rules were so hard for me to define as I struggled across weeks and months to figure out what could it be. I used to just stare at a 1000 rupee note and used to love the moment when Gandhi whisper in my ears – “I promise to pay the bearer a sum of 1000 Rupees…” That’s the way I came to know out what ‘Gandhi kanaku’(Gandhi Account) is. The guy who welcomes you when you enter into a restaurant with a warm salute doesn’t need a sweet lullaby to sleep nor a ride in the beach to enjoy, it’s the tip that you give him makes him merry.

Money brings smile, harmony, joy and even people at times, to wrap around us. There’s a value for everything in this world and for things that money can’t buy there’s even visa cards. The lust of earning things when the world is ours; and the greed of competing among ourselves when we are all one spread across our great minds and we are here trying to save pennies for us, for our children, for our life and more for ours… 

This socially cultivated creature with great powers that boggle around us has turned us into slaves of its own. When we were thinking we were running behind it, we weren’t really running instead our desires made us zombies to saunter. Money ruled us when we thought we made it. The rules that I thought weren’t about how to save it instead how to ignore it. The one magical rule that I discovered to stop being a douche was written about centuries back –

"Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself"—Matthew 19:19.

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  1. "God made man, Man Made Money, Money made man mad", and well said by you!
    This is a very innovative topic to blog. Looks like you are Mr Philosopher turned economist turned Entrepreneur. I found a masala of everything in this post and of course the sugar coated humour.
    Gandhi's whisper is the best line in this post.
    This is one of the candidates of the best ever post of yours and hope there are lots more competitions to come.

    Do grab a copy of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" if you like to know how to get rid of this madness! :)

  2. That was so nice of you SNave. Mokka bloguku kooda comment panreenga patheengala...

    Sure, I will grab a copy of that... (ofcourse frm u)